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For international partners about Pro Study International

Dear Partners

We have a huge number of effective presentations and promo-activities that we can propose to our international partners in Ukraine. We appreciate your interest in cooperation with us and hope to hear from you soon.Our office is located in Kyiv, in the capital of Ukraine

 Review presentations of Pro Study International in Ukraine

Our Marketing Department and Partners Development Department will contact you and offer the ways of our further cooperation during next 3-4 working days. I hope you will find our offer interesting and attractive for your business development in Ukraine.                                   

We hold presentations of education programs abroad 4 times per year. Our  upcoming presentations in  2019 of Education Abroad Programs will be in 5 Ukrainian's biggest cities: Dnepropetrovsk,Kharkiv,Zaporizhie, Odessa,Kyiv. 

  • Over 300 students we have each year for language course, secondary education and higher education abrod
  • We know our Ukrainian market since 2000
  • 17 Years experience in organization of presentations in the biggest Ukrainian  cities South,East and Central of Ukraine;
  • All the best students from  Central,East and South of Ukraine (Odessa,Kyiv and  Dnepropetrovsk Regions) participate in the Expo and visit it;
  • Over 500 QUALITY visitors during 2 days of the presentation - interested pupils and students, families, young professionals, businessmen; 
  • Carefully tailored promotional campaign placing emphasis on school/university marketing, student/educators associations, business and professionals communities and popular media

Testimonials of Ukrainian students about Pro Study International


Promote with us in Ukraine! Contact Pro Study International 

Telefon: +380508888307 You can write us in viber and telegram

Presentation in US consulate (Kyiv, Ukraine). 2016.

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Вероника, Кривой Рог (19 лет)

2 недели изучения английского языка в Лондоне и проживание в английской семье помогли мне окунуться в языковую среду.

Маргарита, Киев (23 лет)

за несколько недель обучения в школе в Лондоне я начала свободно говорить на английском языке и понимать язык

Елена, Днепр (21 лет)

я давно мечтала свободно говорить на английском языке

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