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Work and Travel France 2018

WORK IN France - 2018

Job placement program for students with visa

1/ Program description Paid job for 3 months maximum

You will find in this document details of all aspects of the program. This will help you answer the students' questions and help them to prepare their project


 Be between 18 and 26 years

 Be a higher educational student

 Have an intermediate level in French

 Have a first working experience

 Be available at least 2 months

 Coming during university holidays

Type of Jobs

Jobs are essentially in:

 Restaurants

 Waiters in classical restaurants

 Sellers/preparators in fast food restaurants

 Dishwasher

 Hotels

 Reception

 Housekeeping

 Room Service

 Sales

 Food

 Shops

 Department stores

 Holidays resorts

 Catering

 Animation

 Housekeeping

 Versatile positions

 Cleaning




A first working experience is essential and the level of French is always a very important benchmark for employers. For Jobs with direct contact with clients, participants need to have an upper level in French.

All employers are not recruiting for 3 months. Students can be hired for a period of 2 to 3 months and can’t reject a job offer. Jobs can be all over the French territory. Some employers contact applicants by phone. In this case, participants must show interest in the job, the company and the employer's expectations. All practical information, such as wages, rest days or accommodation will be provided to participants with their employment confirmation.

A call from an employer does not necessarily mean hiring. The Pro Study International will keep you informed of the decision of the employer. Inform the Pro Study International in the case of a telephone appointment with an employer, we can help candidates to prepare.

We can’t guarantee neither the type and length of job nor the area where the candidates will go to

Pro Study International - Agent manual, students with visa 2018

APT – Work Permit

Schedule of work



work. The final decision depends entirely on the employers and it is very important to show motivation, energy and capacity to adapt to any new environment.

It is important that candidates understand that they will be immersed in the world of work in France. Employers are very interested in hiring young foreign participants but they want people motivated and involved in their work.

It takes a real effort to adapt to the world of work. The work can be physically tiring with very flexible hours and the French environment intensifies the fatigue. For example, in conventional restaurants, employees work in "coupure", which means they work to serve lunch and after a rest period in the afternoon, go back to work to serve the dinner.

On all workstations, employees have a trial period of about ten days. During this period, the contract can be terminated by the employer without previous notice if she/he it is not satisfied with the work or attitude of the student. Adapt to the world of work abroad requires real flexibility and a strong will.

For all these reasons, it is important that participants are seriously preparing to make the necessary efforts to ensure that things will go well. It is a very rewarding experience and once past the adjustment period, the vast majority of participants feel perfectly comfortable and the rest of the stay goes smoothly.

Once hired, it is very important to respect the dates and hours of work. Participants must arrive in France on the first day of employment (employers are aware of that) and work until the end of their contract. They can’t interrupt their contracts.

For each hired student, the Pro Study International will apply for a work permit (APT). IT’s mandatory to work legally in France. The work permit is only available for 1 employer. In case they change job, students must get another work permit.

The legal schedule of work in France is of 35 hours a week. According to different positions, the students may work between 30 and 39 hours a week.

Schedule at work is very variable regarding different positions and each employee will have 2 days off a week. In case of much work, number of days off may be reduced: a financial compensation will be given to each employee in that case.

The Pro Study International can’t guarantee upon acceptation of files the numbers of working hours which depend on each employer.

The minimum wage is at 9.76 € / hour (gross salary). All employees must pay taxes each month for about 23% of the salary, which means that at the end of the month, students get:

9.76 € X number of working hours = Gross salary

Gross salary - 23% of gross salary ( approximately) = Net Salary

Participants will have the Net salary on their bank account at the end of the month and they will not have to pay other taxes.

The French government does not refund mandatory taxes deducted from salary.

At some places, students may get tips or percentage of sales.

All salaries are paid by check or bank wire at the end of each month sometimes at the beginning of the following month.

All students will have a bank account in France.

The Pro Study International will open a bank account for each student in our bank partner. This is mandatory in order to get the salary and each participant will have a withdrawal card. This card will allow them to get cash from cash dispenser and to pay goods.

This bank account will cost 3 € for the entire stay (and for the all first year) and fees include:

 A credit card

 An insurance for lost or theft of your cards and an insurance for dishonest use

 An Internet access to the account

 A savings account

While in France, the salary will be paid directly through a bank wire to everyone’s bank account. Participants will be able to check their bank account on Internet. The last salary will be paid by check. This check will be sent, after the student’s departure, by the employer directly to the Pro Study International who will put it on each student personal bank account. The Pro Study International will send an e-mail to each participant to

Pro Study International - Agent manual, students with visa 2017


Arrival in France

Transfer to country towns


Follow up in France

give them this information and on what to do with their money.

The Pro Study International will send each student a "transfer order" to complete, sign and return to the Pro Study International for transmission to the bank. The bank will then transfer the money to the student's account in her/his country.

To make their stay successful, students must prepare their trip with much care. Everyone must have enough funds for living expenses and housing before he/she gets the first salary. Salaries are paid at the end of the month.

Students may think of around 200 € per week as an average for food, local transport and entertainment.

Rent housing varies between de 450 € and 600 € per month and landlords ask for a 1 month deposit. (the landlord will give the money of the deposit back to the students at the end of the stay except in case of damage or early leaving) Don’t forget costs of transport for the students who go working outside Paris.

Participants must have at least 1500 € with them upon arrival to stay out of trouble.

We must have precise information about exact date, time and place of arrival at least 2 weeks in advance. Students are greeted at the Pro Study International office from Monday to Friday (except on bank holidays) and the Pro Study International will give to each one a schedule for different appointments.

An orientation meeting will inform students about French society, world of working, the bank system and other accurate information.

All participants must attend the orientation meeting in Paris even if they are going to work in a country town.

Participants who are working outside Paris must have money to buy the train ticket to join their work place. The Pro Study International will give all information to the students about the trip.

The employers will generally pick up the students at the train station. Students will spend 1 night in Paris to have the time to sign the contract with the bank and to attend the orientation meeting.

2 choices

1/The student decides to look by his/her own for a housing. We suggest to begin to look for one as soon as hiring confirmation is received.

The students who are going to work in a country town, will spend the first night of arrival in Paris (may be 2 nights, depends on day of arrival). The easiest way is to book a room in a youth hostel. We may provide addresses if necessary. Work place will be reached the day after arrival (or 2 days later).

2/ The student applies to the Pro Study International housing service

Application form for the housing service must be sent with the general application at the same time. By signing this application, students promise to stay in the place where the booking would have been done during all their stay and to respects the rules.


Once hired, we will book an accommodation in a youth residence, in a double room or more, all reachable by public transportation from the work place.

The price of the housing service is at 140 €, non-refundable.

A guarantee deposit of 300 € has to be paid at the first time of the application and will be given back upon departure, except in case of damages or early leaving. If the deposit asked by the landlord is higher than 300 €, the Pro Study International will send a new deposit invoice which has to be paid before arrival.

The students who are going to work in a country town, will spend the 1st night (may be 2 nights, depends on day of arrival) in Paris in a youth hostel, booked and paid by the Pro Study International. The students will reach their work place the day after their arrival (or 2 days later).

Please inform the Pro Study International, if the student does not need the night in the youth hostel in Paris, otherwise you will have to pay for it.

The Pro Study International team will do its best for the students to feel comfortable and that all partners are satisfied. It is very important the students let us be aware of any difficulty that should arise

In case of any problem, students must inform the Pro Study International immediately and take into account our advices.

Will be expelled from the program all students who:

 Refuse a position

Pro Study International - Agent manual, students with visa 2018


Practical advices

 Quit their Job

 Will be fired

Excluded students will not be able to get a new work permit.

Please, don’t bring light luggage.


1) Sending application file and pay for a program

2) Interview in French

3) Search of a job

4) Hiring confirmation

5) Hiring approval

7) Apply to APT

3 months before arrival

Please send following documents by e-mail. All documents must be named with student’s name and first name beside the type of document (Example: SMITH John passport)

 All pages of terms and conditions signed

 The registration form typed and signed

 CV in French with smiling photo. On their CVs, students must explain all kind of work experience they’ve had.

 2 motivation letters in French. 1 for the employer and 1 for the Pro Study International

 Student card in home country and its translation in French

 Photocopy of passport

 A large recent picture

 Photocopy of ISIC card (international student card)

 A birth certificate and its translation in French

We won’t handle any incomplete file.

After reception of the application file, the CEI will call each participant to check motivation and level in French.

You will receive within 2 weeks a letter of acceptance (or of refusal), as well as the invoice. This letter specifies that skills of candidate are good enough to be presented to employers and the dates of availability. It does not guarantee either the region or the duration of the work. The definitive hiring is under employers’ responsibility, so it is very important that candidates are really motivated and hard working.

The Pro Study International will send each application to several employers. The employers are entirely free to accept or refuse an application. They are the only ones who decide who they want to hire and they may call the candidates for an interview. A phone interview doesn’t mean a hiring proposition. The Pro Study International will inform you about the employer’s decision.

As soon as students would have been hired, we will send you:

 A letter from employer

 A presentation of the job with schedule at work and dress code.

Each participant must sign these two documents to determine that he has had the information and arrive in France on the first day of employment with the dress code.

Students can’t refuse a proposition

You must send back the hiring letter and the Job presentation signed by the student by e-mail very quickly. We need these documents signed to apply for the Autorisation Provisoire de Travail (APT). The students should review carefully the documents sent, go to the company website to learn vocabulary, the menu if they work in a restaurant and get familiar with the company. They must work for the all period they have been hired for.

It is not possible to break the contract.

Invoices must be paid upon reception and no work permit will be sent before payment will be received. The Pro Study International will need as well the housing deposit to be able to confirm any accommodation booking.

The Pro Study International applies for the APT “Autorisation Provisoire de Travail” to the ministry of work. Delays depend on each French department and the CEI can’t in any way interfere on them. Denied application are very rare and not under our control.

Pro Study International - Agent manual, students with visa 2017

8) Visa

9) Travel information

10) Arrival information

11) Documents for arrival

For the student to be able to apply for the visa at the French embassy, the Pro Study International will send to the agent :

 The APT

 The hiring letter

 An introduction letter with housing certificate.

The Pro Study International doesn’t have any particular relationship with the French embassies, so you must keep you informed about visa procedures. The students MUST be in France on the first day of Job on the hiring letter. Employers won’t wait for students who shouldn’t be able to take their job in time. In such case, the student won’t have her/his job anymore confirmed upon arrival.

We won’t send any APT before payment will be received.

You must send us a copy of the visa as soon as issued, as well as a proof of medical insurance

For a smooth arrival and to organize the first day of work with employers, we must receive as quickly as possible precise information about the participant’s travel, backwards and forwards.

At least 2 weeks before arrival.

The Pro Study International will send you for each student, a summary table of all the appointments he has and explanation of the various trips. Hours Appointments must absolutely be respected.

We will send with different appointments for the arrival, a few documents for the bank to be signed by the student. You must return them as soon as possible after the students have read and signed.

This will allow to have a calm meeting with all participants being attentive.

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